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Faces Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir

Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir is a Copenhagen-based artist with Iraqi heritage, whose artistry reflects his multicultural background and life experiences. His works are known for their innovative fusion of diverse techniques and themes, creating a unique space where cultural symbols and craftsmanship converge.


A hallmark of Ihsan's art is his adept use of sampling, a technique that allows him to merge disparate narratives and symbols, thus forging new meanings. This method not only showcases his creativity but also delves into themes of identity, freedom, and cultural roots


One of his notable pieces is a rich narrative that intertwines symbols and stories to question the unpredictability of life. It's this ability to layer complexity with simplicity that sets his work apart, making it resonate with a wider audience.


Among his works, a particularly compelling piece showcases Ihsan's ability to weave complex narratives and cultural insights. It features significant symbols and stories, including the evocative phrase "don't shoot” and "The National Lottery," representing the unpredictability of life. Presented at Kunsthallen in Aarhus, the artwork’s integration of wood and gypsum highlights Ihsan's versatility.


Ihsan's artistic journey is further highlighted by his studies at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where his commitment to craftsmanship and symbolic depth are evident.


For a closer look into Ihsan's creative process and his evolving body of work, his Instagram account, @superihsan, offers insights into the mind of an artist dedicated to exploring the intersections of culture, identity, and art.


Ihsan shot by Kasper Søholm in December 2023

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