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est. 2019 Clothing of substance.

Berner Kühl is a menswear brand founded in Copenhagen in 2019. Born out of a desire to educate the next generation of consumers on good product. With an aim to redefine the codes and connotations connected to a fashion industry that is in constant change, and not always for the better. To include and involve like-minded people who appreciate craftsmanship. In its essence – a well made beautiful product. It is a constant process, and the desire to improve and always do better is the main driver in the flow of collections.

In the world today, not just in fashion, but in general, the pace is frantic. We believe that we have to explore and address other ways of living and creating. Find a slower setting of pace, taking our time to do things properly. Paying attention to what is happening around you. Actually caring. We try to make the most sensible choices when we create our products, so you don’t have to. From the sourcing of fabrics to the choice of suppliers to the way we pack our product. Sustainable solutions should not be a choice; to be as sustainable as possible, should be implicit. In the business we are in, it will forever remain a compromise, but let’s make it the best possible compromise.

Our deepest wish is to offer something of substance. Something that people will wear for years to come, and not just for another season. To become an integral part of the menswear wardrobe. Berner Kühl is built on the examination of concepts such as utility, nature and serenity - expressing a sense of emotion, without being dramatic. We aim to create an inspirational package around a product that in itself should be able to stand alone.

Without the clutter; without all of the noise.