First and foremost, we make a long-lasting product, something you can wear for years. It is the easiest way to consume as little as possible, and thereby, produce less. Secondly, we are 100 per cent transparent about our supply chain. We can always tell you exactly where your product comes from. Traceability is key if we want to make a product more sustainable.

Manifattura Sesia

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Manifattura Sesia was founded in 1963 in Fara Novarese, Italy. Since then they have been comitted to produce exclusive yarns, all while putting the environment and their employees at the center. In 2003 the obtained their ZERO EMISSION certification, and in 2007 they were the 6th company in Italy to obtain the ICEA - GOTS certification. For AW22 we are using Sesia yarns for our Well-Tech Full Zip, Detroit High Neck, and Daytona Crew Neck styles.

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio

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Tessitura Taiana Virgilio was founded close to Como in 1933. Known for working with world famous sports brands, their fabrics are tested to the limit. Normally knitted fabrics are employed in sportswear, as they have production advantages such as low cost and a high degree of fabric elasticity due to the yielding structure of the weave. However Taianas Kinetech® are all woven, used only for high quality technological garments because their complexity means that it is a slow and expensive process to make them. The result is that the woven fabrics offer unique characteristics that make Kinetech® garments particularly high performing and enables them to maintain this performance over time. For AW22 we did the Kinetic Blazer and Kinetic Hook Pant with Taiana Kinetech fabric.

Cotonificio Albini 1876

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Albini Group was initially founded in 1876 in Albino, Italy. With cutting edge machinery and state of the art technology, the fabrics are known for their combination of tradition, craft and elegance. The essence of the fabrics are brought to life by research conducted on the most rarest and most precious cottons and linens of the world. The Albini Group’s commitment to the use of renewable energy has seen the installation of three photovoltaic plants and a wind farm in the factories of Mottola and Brebbia, and three hydroelectric plants, including two hydraulic augers in Besozzo and Brebbia and a Kaplan turbine at the plant in Albino. We use a number of Albini fabrics in our collections, most notable for AW22 is our Armida Garden Shirt.

Beste S.p.A.

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Beste S.p.A is a state of the art facility located in the Tuscan hills. Their R&D team is constantly pushing the boundaries for what is possible in the art of producing technical outerwear. At the same time it is 100% vertical production as Beste initially started as a fabric mill in 1992. 20 minutes is what it takes to bring the fabric rolls from the fabric facility to the garment atelier. For AW22 we developed the Beste Dev. One Jacket in close collaboration with both their fabric and garment team.